We're a global team building AI-powered content creation platforms for everyone.

We are a passionate team from all over the world working to build the future of AI-powered content creation platforms, making them more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

About Somi AI

Released beta

The first beta version of Somi AI was launched to help non-native English speakers create English copywriting content more easily.

Reached 10K users

We are thrilled to have reached 10,000 users in such a short period of time.

Released Somi AI Docs

Somi AI Docs was introduced to provides a flexible long-form editor, enabling you to effortlessly generate AI-driven content directly within your documents.

Released Somi AI Copilot

Somi AI Copilot was introduced to offer a conversational user interface similar to ChatGPT, making it easy for you to generate ideas and content through a chat-based interaction.

The preferred choice of the world's leading companies

Customers love us because we understand the struggles of people who lack marketing or copywriting experience. We built Somi AI to solve this problem for ourselves and for others. We are passionate about helping people create high-quality content and making AI more accessible, even if they don't have any technical or copywriting experience. Our product is easy to use and can help you create content quickly and easily.


Our Incredible People

We wholeheartedly champion community achievement through mutual trust and collaboration.

At Somi AI, our team embodies a perfect blend of dedication and exhilaration. We're not just about working hard; we're about infusing passion and play into everything we do. We thrive on the thrill of innovation and relish every moment we spend crafting cutting-edge solutions. Here, it's not just a job; it's an adventure in the world of AI. Join us in the journey of creating, learning, and having a blast while doing it!

We view the workplace as an enriching part of our lives, one that contributes value to the world.

Each day, we embark on a journey of purpose and contribution, recognizing that the work we do adds meaning not only to our lives but also to the larger world around us. It's a place where we're inspired to innovate, collaborate, and make a positive impact. Our shared mission is to leave a lasting mark on the world, and we're driven by the belief that every effort counts towards a greater, collective good.


Users on the platform

Our platform has been used by over 20,000 users to create AI content.

1+ million

Tokens used for AI content generation

Over 1 million tokens have been used to generate AI content.



Our platform is used by users from over 15 countries.

We're on the lookout for outstanding individuals to join our dynamic team!

Join our extraordinary team! If you're eager to shape the future of collaboration with us, explore our exciting job openings listed below. Your next adventure awaits!

Job openings

  • Role
    Senior Product Designer
    • A minimum of 5 years of experience in leading and developing interactive applications.
    • Outstanding abilities in visuals, user interface, and interactions.
  • Role
    Principal AI Engineer
    • A minimum of 7 years of related experience
    • Design and develop robust solutions using commercial and custom AI tools and machine learning models
  • Role
    Community Manager
    • A minimum of 3 years of related experience
    • Customer-focused with a passion for delivering the best possible customer experience