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With Somi AI, you can harness the power of AI to produce high-quality, original content for your blog, social media, email, and marketing campaigns in seconds.

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Our all-in-one AI tool can help enhance your writing, no matter where you're working on it.

Save thousands of dollars in costs and produce SEO-optimized copy that boosts clicks, conversions, and sales for your blogs, essays, Facebook/Google ads, product descriptions, and sales emails.

Write high-quality blog posts and long form articles in minutes, not days

Somi AI for Copywriters

For those in need of generating extensive blogs or articles, our AI Writing Tool is your perfect solution. Need to craft impactful sales emails, immersive essays, detailed reports or even entire eBooks? Somi AI Docs, a highly enhanced variant of Google Docs, stands ready to assist. Discover the transformative power of our Paraphraser, Sentence Expander, and Content Simplifier to polish your content, making it more potent and influential than ever before. You're not just crafting words, but creating content par excellence with our suite of tools.

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What can Somi AI help you write?

Use our AI-powered copywriting tool to write persuasive and informative copy that will reach your target audience and get the results you want.

  • AIDA Copywriting
    AIDA Copywriting
  • Content Simplifier
    Content Simplifier
  • Bullet Point Expander
    Bullet Point Expander
  • Blog Outlines
    Blog Outlines
  • Sentence Expander
    Sentence Expander
  • Blog Topics
    Blog Topics
  • Essay Paragraphs
    Essay Paragraphs
  • Facebook Ads
    Facebook Ads
  • Personal Bio
    Personal Bio
  • Quora Answer Writer
    Quora Answer Writer
  • Product Descriptions
    Product Descriptions
  • Amazon Product Descriptions
    Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Bio
    Social Media Bio
  • Customer Service Guarantee
    Customer Service Guarantee
  • Cold Emails
    Cold Emails
  • Call-To-Action
  • Features to Benefits
    Features to Benefits
  • Email Writer
    Email Writer
  • Amazon Product Descriptions
    Amazon Product Descriptions
  • SEO Meta Tags
    SEO Meta Tags
  • FAQs
  • Song Lyrics
    Song Lyrics
  • Video Descriptions
    Video Descriptions
  • Real Estate Listing Description
    Real Estate Listing Description
  • Startup Value Propositions
    Startup Value Propositions
  • Email Subject Lines
    Email Subject Lines
  • Sales Page Headlines
    Sales Page Headlines
  • Paraphraser

Over 100 features that supercharge your workflow

Create high-quality content for all your marketing needs, from articles and blogs to landing pages and ads, in seconds.

High-quality content in just 3 steps with AI

AI content generation is a simple and easy way to create high-quality content. It can save you time and effort, and help you produce better content.

1. Inputs

Provide a summary or input on your topic.

Tell us about your topic. You can also enter your target keyword (optional) to improve your Google ranking. Somi AI Docs even lets you input by selection or by the surrounding text.

2. Generate

Generate high-converting copy with every click.

Generate high-converting copy for all your marketing needs with every click. Somi AI can help you create content that converts your audience into customers.

3. Publish

Publish it to your favorite platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc

Use our AI-powered editing tools to enhance your content, then publish it to your favorite platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix and more.

Somi AI Copilot

Somi AI Copilot

Unlock the limitless potential of AI. Work faster, write better, all through conversation.

A more advanced and free alternative to ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4 and Llama 2 (coming soon) and made to surpass ChatGPT's limitations.

Start a chat with a question

Start a chat with a question

Simply type your question into the chat box and press enter. Somi AI Copilot will then process your question and generate a response.

Some prompt examples:

Write a product description for... Write a blog post about... Write a promo email with the subject line...
Continue your conversation

Continue your conversation

Making your request more specific, Somi AI Copilot remembers what you said, it uses that information to generate a more accurate response.

More specific prompt examples:

Rewrite this email to be more simple Create a quiz from our last conversation Simplify this paragraph to one sentence
Save your chat to a document

Save your chat to a document

Collect your ideas, draft your work, or finalize your project, send your chat history to a document and edit it before publishing.

You can:

Boost content output while ensuring high quality Find inspiration and generate fresh ideas Proofread & edit your content before publishing it

Discover the limitless possibilities with Somi AI Copilot

From crafting captivating songs and delivering witty jokes to creating engaging TikTok video scripts and even curating personalized travel plans. Experience the future of creativity today.

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Thousands of marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs have already tried Somi AI

Somi AI is the all-in-one content marketing solution that thousands of marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs rely on to automate and simplify their workflow.

“It has helped us automate our marketing content creation process, freeing up our team to focus on more strategic initiatives. We've been able to increase our content output by 50% without sacrificing quality.”

Maxwell Sheehan
Digital Marketing Manager

“It is a game-changer for our agency. We use it to help our clients create high-quality content at scale. It's helped us reduce our turnaround time and improve our client satisfaction.”

Trenton Bernard
Agency Owner

“Somi AI is an essential tool for my agency. With the click of a button, I can generate six different variations of content to choose from. The content rewriting feature is also very helpful, allowing me to customize the content to my specific needs. Somi AI has helped me to save time and improve the quality of my work.”

Jonathan Cross
Managing Director

“It's a must-have for entrepreneurs. It helps me create content for my website, social media, and email marketing campaigns. It's saved me hours of time and helped me reach a wider audience.”

Chris Reed

“I've tried other AI writing tools, but Somi AI is the best for writing complete blog posts. Just follow the steps and you'll have an amazing article ready to publish.”

Whitney Lee
Marketing and Sales Coordinator

“Somi AI is the secret weapon of influencers. It helps me create high-quality content for my social media channels quickly and easily. I can't imagine doing my job without it.”

John Wu

“It is the best tool I've ever used for writing. It helps me generate ideas, improve my grammar and style, and produce high-quality content quickly and easily.”

Sumit Kumar

“It is an amazing AI copywriting tool that has helped me to become a much more efficient and effective content writer. I use it to develop copywriting materials for a Fin-Tech start-up, and it has helped me to reduce my content creation time by five times. Somi AI is brilliant at creating blog outlines, which makes it much easier for me to write high-quality content that is relevant and engaging.”

Yasmin Walter

“As a non-native English-speaking influencer, it helps me create high-quality content quickly and easily, regardless of my skill level or language barriers. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their content to the next level.”

Sherlene Chiam

“Somi AI is a lifesaver for students. It helps me write better essays and research papers faster. I can't imagine writing without it.”

Stacy West


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