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Save 20% by paying annually

Unlimited Essentials

Full access to all templates for creating short-form content, including blog paragraphs, product descriptions, ads, and more.


  • ∞ Unlimited words ¹
  • 100+ writing AI templates
  • Write in 25+ languages
  • Access to all AI templates
  • Somi AI Copilot
  • Access to GPT 3.5
  • Access to GPT 4
  • 90,000 generation tokens/month
  • 1 seat included
  • Somi AI Imagine (coming soon)
  • Community Support

Unlimited Pro

Most popular

Everything in Unlimited Essentials plan plus awesome tools for writing blog posts, books, and more with long-form writing features.


  • ∞ Unlimited words ¹
  • Somi AI Docs (AI-assisted document editor)
  • Unlock access to Somi AI Docs existing and forthcoming writing features and templates
  • Somi AI Copilot
  • Access to GPT 3.5
  • Access to GPT 4
  • 200,000 generation tokens/month
  • Priority access to new features
  • 1 seat included
  • Email Support


Everything in Unlimited Pro plus our most advanced tools, unlimited AI writing, and high priority support; built for large teams.


  • ∞ Unlimited words ¹
  • Priority access to new and pre-release features
  • 3 seats included
  • Advanced user management
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Somi AI Docs (AI-assisted document editor)
  • Somi AI Copilot
  • Access to GPT 3.5
  • Access to GPT 4
  • 400,000 generation tokens/month
  • Live chat support
  • High priority support

Students and non-profit organizations
can save an additional 30% on annual plans.
Contact our support for more information .

¹ Unlimited plans are subject to our Fair Usage Policy, only applicable to GPT-3.5 model.

* About 7,500 words can be considered roughly equivalent to 10,000 tokens. In the case of GPT-4, this translates to approximately 60,000 tokens.

** Both inputs and outputs from the user will use tokens.

“It is an amazing AI copywriting tool that has helped me to become a much more efficient and effective content writer. I use it to develop copywriting materials for a Fin-Tech start-up, and it has helped me to reduce my content creation time by five times. Somi AI is brilliant at creating blog outlines, which makes it much easier for me to write high-quality content that is relevant and engaging.”

Yasmin Walter

“Somi AI is an essential tool for my agency. With the click of a button, I can generate six different variations of content to choose from. The content rewriting feature is also very helpful, allowing me to customize the content to my specific needs. Somi AI has helped me to save time and improve the quality of my work.”

Jonathan Cross
Managing Director

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